Underground Labs ROIDZ “Outstanding”


So have just completed a 45 day cycle of the ROIDZ by Underground Labs & am pleased to report I am completely impressed. The results later, but first lets have a look at the ingredients which consist of the usual suspects specifically Tribulus Terrestris, Long Jack Fenugreek & D Aspartic Acid & Biopeperine. On face value these ingredients are available in many Test Boosters on the market. What though I do highlight is the high extract amounts of these ingredients used by UL & this my friends is where the difference both begins & ends. Underground Labs have used ultra-high extracts in this formula with large amounts & it is for this reason that I believe the product works so well.

For me personally I noticed it kick in at the seven day mark with an uplift in bedroom performance which improved the longer I took it through out the 45 doses. At times I actually felt the sexual effects were too pronounced, but hey a nice problem to have right. In the gym I was a beast, my aggression was up as was my strength & I completed a few personal PB’s. In general I just felt good & that in turn meant I wanted to train, recovery also seemed to improve from these grueling sessions & I was ready to workout again & again doing a 6 day on one day off training split. Body fat came down by 3% from 12% to 9% & lean muscle including body measurements were up. All in all if your looking for a good, even outstanding Test Booster than Underground Labs Roidz is highly recommended. 5 stars.