Underground Labs (UL), est 2017, is the first supplement company to make Turkesterone readily available to Australian consumers. Their formula is a full 500mg of Turkesterone >10% extract per serve & as such makes it one of, if not, the strongest level of Turkesterone available. Asked why not a proprietary blend like some international manufacturers an UL spokesperson stated “it is against company policy to offer proprietary blends. We believe in full transparency, showing clearly what is in our supplements, proprietary blends do not offer this”.

In late July 2021 the popularity of Turkesterone exploded after a discussion & review on the Joe Rogan Podcast between Joe and & Doctor Andrew Huberman, that bought huge attention to Turkesterone as a natural muscle building supplement. Since then social media reports of huge gains have been published by Turkesterone users supporting these findings.

Chemically similar to Ecdysterone it is thought Turkesterone may be a stronger 20-Hydroxyecdysone version.