iEvolve: The new Driven Sports Craze?


Since the recent mysterious disappearance of DS Craze from Aussie shelves, pre workout junkies have been scrambling for a replacement. Is it possible that your prayers have been answered with the arrival of iEvolve by M4 Nutrition. iEvolve is unashamed to let users know that it features Craze’s secret weapon, dendrobium extract. So it is fair to assume that if you liked Craze, you may find that iEvolve may give you the same sort of kick.

Stocks arrive at the end of June in a 208g tub in two flavours, tropical punch and blue razz. M4 claim that their product “tastes like candy”, which of course is an added bonus. If you’re on your last few scoops of Craze and are starting to sweat over what you will get next, you might want to check out iEvolve.