Xtend Go – Latest Release From Scivation


Scivation recently announced they will be trying to leverage the power of their Xtend brand even further with the release of Xtend Go. The only confirmed details are that Xtend Go will carry the infamous 7g of BCAAs in every serve. But rumours are rip that the secret ‘Go’ ingredient will be caffeine; given that the amino + caffeine combo has been a popular trend in the last year with the success of products like Optimum’s Amino Energy and USP Lab’s Amino Lift. In the US, the product will be sold in GNC stores, but details are not confirmed of a release date or sales channel for Australia. Scivation will be hoping the new Xtend variant does better their last release in the form of Xtend Endurance. Sadly, this product has so far not lived up to expectations – possibly because the average gym junkie just wants a quality dose of BCAAs, rather than added carbs. If this is true, Xtend Go should fair a bit better if indeed it is a BCAA + caffeine combo.