Victory Labs Launching Soon


Like most new supplement ventures, Victory Labs aim to be the ‘most innovative and trustworthy health and fitness products on the market”. But that’s a big claim and a big ask and with only part of their product line up disclosed, it’s hard to speculate how well Victory Labs are living up to their claim. Victory Labs are staggering the release of their full product line up and it might not be until mid-late 2016 before we know the exact makeup of their entire range. At the time of writing, however, Victory Labs have a total of 5 products (i.e. Native Greens, Hydro Complete, Pure Gainer, Xenevar and Doom). Our guess is that there are at least another 4-5 products to be released. Aesthetically, their products look fantastic and on paper, the ones we have seen so far are pretty decent. So it will be with great interest that we watch the progress of this brand as it launches in Australia, under the guise of Aussie supplement distributor powerhouse – Flush Fitness.