Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Nearing Release


Further to our initial post on Beta-Stim several weeks ago, more details have been leaked from Ronnie headquarters on its pending release. We now know that the product will be sold as a “7-Phase Thermogenic Ignitor”, which makes for some very bold marketing claims. As you can see from the banner above, these 7 phases consist of:

  • Oxidation
  • Thermogenic Activators
  • Mental Focus & Mood
  • Excess Water Balance
  • Appetite Control
  • Metabolism
  • Instant & Extended Energy

It’s hard to imagine any other fat loss products with more than ‘7 phases’. So Ronnie will definitely be on a winner here if the product can live up to its claims. Ingredients wise, we can only confirm the presence of five ingredients; namely: nelulean, acacia rigidula, adhatoda vasica, and huperzine. But even with this limited list, its easy to see that Beta-Stim is going to be a fat loss supplement with a difference.