New Cellucor C4 Series


Not content with having one of the best selling pre workouts on the market, Cellucor recently announced they will be adding a massive 4 new products to their C4 line. The four new supplements consist of a C4 RTD, C4 50x, C4 Mass and C4 Ripped. The C4 RTD will include 2 serves and is tipped to have identical ingredients to the existing original C4. With most current C4 flavours being a hit, it’s hard to imagine that the C4 RTD won’t be the same.

C4 50x is advertised as containing a new active Cellucor have dubbed XCelicorTM. Most believe this ingredient complex will feature a form of caffeine called caffeine pterostilbene. As some may be aware, this is a proven slow-release form of caffeine, with data showing 50% more caffeine in blood after 6 hours compared with normal caffeine.

Details on C4 Mass are pretty skinny, but the gist of the formula is that it will be non-stim and will feature creatine nitrate. This is a smart move from Cellucor, with stim free pre workouts becoming increasingly popular.

Similarly, we don’t know much about C4 Ripped, other than it will contain Cellucor’s NO3 technology and obviously some type of fat burner active.

There’s no firm Australian release date for the new C4 series yet, but it will probably be well into 2014 before we get any official word on dates for Downunder.