MuscleTech Anarchy Pre Workout Announced


As we’ve come to expect from most big name new product releases, MuscleTech’s new pre workout Anarchy comes with the promise of being the most ‘explosive’ yet and delivering extreme boosts of ‘energy’, ‘intensity’ and ‘mental focus’. But to their credit, MuscleTech are one of the few supplement companies who subscribe to fully transparent dosing, which makes the task of assessing the formula and associated claims that much easier. As seen in the nutritional panel below, all the active ingredients are for the most part proven ergogenics and reasonably dosed, which is consistent with MuscleTech’s other pre workouts.

MuscleTech Anarchy Supplement Facts

Arguably the most novel ingredient in MuscleTech Anarchy is the patented form of glycerol (i.e. HydroMaxTM). Made by Glanbia Nutritionals, this form of glycerol is purported to be more stable than traditional glycerol monostearate. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any hard data to support such claims. But undoubtedly, the proof will be in the pudding.

Astute readers will note Yohimbe extract on the ingredient list, meaning the supplement will not appear in this form if it is to be released in Australia. While there is no official word on whether an Australian version will be released, it would not be a surprise to see one down the track as MuscleTech have done this with a multitude of products in the past.