Cellucor G4 Series


Not content to rest on their laurels – having one of the leading pre workouts on the market; Cellucor are set to shake things up again in a big way with the impending release of their G4 (Fourth Generation) series of supplements. While the changes are largely cosmetic (albeit a few products get an added ingredient), the move will undoubtedly help keep Cellucor centre and front of supplement users minds as one of the key innovators and drivers in the industry. Reknown for their innovative packaging, Cellucor have again revamped the packaging and asthetics of G4 series, which is made up of the supplements: C4, Super HD, CLK, Alpha Amino, NO3 Chrome and P6. Astute readers will note that a couple of supplements (i.e. C4 and P6) have lost the ‘extreme’ out of their name, which is presumably a natural reflection of how people search for the products. P6, NO3 and CLK will not make it to Australian shores given they come in pill form and therefore won’t comply with therapeutic goods standard in Australia. But we can expect to see the new looking C4, Super HD and Alpha Amino sometime in the first half of 2015 (no official date as yet). Out of these three, Alpha Amino is the only one to receive a formulation upgrade with the addition of HydroMaxTM, a new patented form of glycerol.