Blessed Plant Based Protein Powder “Natural with a Great Taste”


So we’ve had our first taste of Clear Vegans Blessed Protein Powder which FYI is made by the same team that does the now world famous EHP Labs brand, their leading product of corse being Oxyshred. So what about Blessed Protein? Well we have to tell you in this mini-review that it’s pretty damn good both in taste & ingredient listing. Seems the Clear Vegan/EHP Labs Team have put considerable thought into this powder which ticks all the natural boxes of being free from the non-natural including gluten, soy, sugar, dairy, nuts, lactose & more yet is packed full of goodness with ingredients like European Golden Pea Protein & Natural Sweeteners. Halal & Kosher certified & available in 3 great tasting flavors. Blessed Protein is sure to please the Natural Plant Based Protein user.